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Established in 2018, Kids Go West is an American educational website that connects kids and parents from around the world with the West's top educational trends, tools, tips, and resources for success. 

As Americans hailing from Egyptian roots with experience growing up in America as well as raising our own children abroad, our blog was designed with you in mind, today's multicultural families, and explores everything you need to know today to help build your child's academic future tomorrow. You'll find tried and true learning tips and hacks, links to the latest online tools and resources for English, Math, Science and Social Studies, as well as useful information like how to get in to the top schools and colleges in the West.  We look at themes like bilingualism, English as a Second Language, diversity, and assimilation into Western culture. We examine educational trends in the West; including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and we connect you with reputable educational organizations and powerful links to help you find information from the experts you need.

Kids Go West also celebrated the launch of its new publishing arm in 2019, with the aim of providing children and young adults with a world view through books that center on diversity, acceptance, language, and cultures from around the world.  You'll find books we've published as well as reviews on books that we love and recommend for your own young readers. 

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