Hijab is Fab!

Every Girl's Guide to the

Rhymes, Reasons, and Perks of Hijab

"Welcome to a world where hijab is fab, where every opportunity is yours to grab. With it we're strong and we're empowered, we're fly and we're fierce though our scarves are flowered!"


Tweens, teens, and young women around the world will rave about this fresh, modernized look at hijab, one that covers (pun intended) all of its amazing aspects as well as celebrates its lesser known perks. With inspiring lines and quirky rhymes, this book will entertain and uplift girls as it introduces hijab in a creative and lighthearted way. Hijab is Fab! makes the perfect gift for daughters, sisters, friends, BFFs, and powerful young women everywhere, whether they're newly covered, are considering hijab, or have been wearing hijab for years, as it shines a positive light on an often misunderstood practice. Featuring playful illustrations by debut artist Yaseen Fayed as well as snapshots of hijab from around the world, Hijab is Fab! is a must-have book for every young Muslim girl's library.


Written by Rania Emara, a first generation American Muslim (who also happens to wear fab hijab), her books help young people discover and celebrate the vibrant culture, traditions, and folklore native to the Middle East, South Asia, and greater Islamic World. For more information about the author and for a sneak peek into her upcoming books, follow @raniaimagines on social media today!


Hijab is Fab!

"Buy this for everyone in your list!"

Having daughters, one of them being a hijabi, I was excited to see this eccentric book. I bought it and we're so in love with it! Not only does it portray different hijabis, but it delivers a message of power, conviction, tolerance to all, and acceptance, not to mention Hijab is Fab has the coolest rhymes ever! If you have daughters contemplating hijab or if you yourself are, get this book, and you'll be overflowing with pride for our beautiful tradition! It's motivational like you wouldn't believe!

"So motivating and uplifting!"

I got it today, and already read it to my daughter.  She likes the rhymes and the beautiful pictures.  Representation is important, so to see all these beautiful hijab (styles) is important for her, because  I wear the hijab.  I think it will be great for elementary and middle schoolers!

"A quality piece to add to any girl's collection!" 

I truly wish I could give more stars. I was thoroughly impressed with this book. I wasn’t sure what to expect for a book about hijab, but I thought it might be dry or cheesy, but I was happily surprised to find it such a FUN read while still being so informative! HIGHLY recommend to anyone with preteens or young adults, and really for anyone with an interest in Muslim culture and hijab culture. I’m actually ordering more copies because I donated to my local mosque’s girls’ youth group! Really well done, with lots of visuals throughout— I would have loved having a book like this growing up.

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