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Welcome to Kids Go West, your #1 connection to education in the West! Our mission is to empower kids from around the globe to achieve academic success by connecting international students and parents to the West's top educational trends, tools, tips and resources. We believe your geography should not limit your potential for success, so we're breaking down the boundaries and lighting the path to success!

Whether you're you're joining us for the first time from the bustling cities of Cairo, Beirut, or Dubai, or you're one of our English students logging on from Beijing or Shenzhen, you've arrived at the top destination for all things educational in the West.  Many of our readers know us through our flagship service, the Kids Go West Online English program, which connects kids in the Middle East with Native English teachers in the West for interactive English conversation classes online. However we're here to let you know that the journey does not end with learning the English language - its only the beginning!

We believe information is power, and should be available to everyone without a price tag and regardless of where they live.  So we've revamped and expanded our mission at Kids Go West to enable us to empower as many students and families as we can with the essential information you need to know today in order to make a difference in your child's education tomorrow.  We are excited to have you along for the ride as we explore the topics most important to you on your educational journey West!


Our lessons have been prepared by certified experts in Teaching English as a Second Language.  Our world-class network of teachers and academic experts are all university graduates and certified in Teaching English as a Second Language.  They have been trained in proven teaching techniques that accelerate the learning process and are committed to helping your child reach English fluency.

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