Free Online Kids TV Shows on Amazon During Coronavirus School Closures 

Lockdown. Shelter in place. Self-quarantine. Depending on where you live and what your city has determined to call it, by now you're at least a couple of weeks in and the initial panic and surrealness of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is finally starting to settle. Schools are closed, malls are closed, entertainment venues are closed. Families are now spending so much quality time together, it feels like we've been transported into an episode of The Brady Bunch.

Where Have We Been?

Like many of you, we've been largely absent from our normal social media routine these last few weeks, as we've been glued to the news and overwhelmed with the challenges of adjusting our kids and ourselves to this "new normal".

Now, unlike many bloggers and educational sites that have been busy posting, hashtagging, and tweeting out super parenting and homeschooling tips since day one, it's been pretty much radio silence from us at Kids Go West. And while we'd love to offer a glossy, PR'd message that justifies our absence from social media, we don't have one. And that's because we are run by everyday parents, just like you.

But we've been busy too. Busy getting our kid's school online learning account set up and then trying to convince said kid that he's actually not on early summer vacation. Busy figuring out 101 ways to cook beans and rice, which have become quite the hot commodity. Busy coaxing our 2 year old son into releasing the fistful of hair belonging to his 11 year old brother's head. You know, the normal stuff.

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And if you're anything like us, you are suddenly expected to work from home just as your household has become Elmo's World on Red Bull. Your professional life has been meshed into your family life, and you find that you can belt out strategic talking points almost as quickly as you can belt out the words of Frozen 2's "Into the Unknown". You're expected to be a parent, a teacher, a friend, a disciplinarian, a cook, a maid, a nurse, and a music teacher all at once. Dr. Fauci has become as familiar to your kids as Dr. Seuss, and suddenly everyone in your household is a health expert.

So we've made the decision not to add anymore pressure to our already pressured life. We will not be using our blog to teach you 3 tips to becoming a successful homeschool teacher or offer instructions for creating a Martha Stewart Home Living-worthy Kids Fort out of bamboo, sea salt, and recycled cereal boxes.

What Will We Post?

We will be posting tried and true, real-life tips that we've found are actually helping our family through these challenging times. Freebies you can use today with your kids that will keep them happy and occupied. We'll try to post a healthy balance of educational stuff that your kids can benefit from, but we'll also include some plain, old fun and entertainment for the kids. Because let's not forget, these are kids. If we, as adults, are either freaking out or are on an emotional roller coaster right now, can we really expect our kids to sit quietly and hit the books all day?

So try this one on for size. Free access to Kids TV shows online by Amazon. We've just heard about this freebie literally today, and we can't tell you what a game changer this is. Honestly, it's so great, it's what finally motivated us to blow the dust off of this blog and write.

Free Access to Kids TV from Amazon

Incredibly, Amazon has lifted the payment requirement on its Prime Video channel and has made it 100% free to watch full-length, feature Kids TV programs online, for as long as schools are closed due to COVID-19. There are complete seasons of family favorites like PBS Kids' programs Arthur and Caillou as well as Amazon originals like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Just Add Magic, Lost in Oz, and so much more. You'll find programs for preschoolers, tweens, and everything in between, free for all! So stop what you're doing right now and head to Amazon's Free For All link and check it out. If you don't already have an Amazon account, simply create a free account to get started.

Now, while many of you already have Netflix or similar available to you, many of our readers in many parts of the world don't have access. But with this generous offer from Amazon Prime TV, now your kids can enjoy some great programs for free. We've tested it and most of the programs on offer are available to watch in the Middle East, Asia, the UK, wherever you happen to be. And even if you do have Netflix, maybe you're tired of sharing the TV with your kids and need some "me time" to binge watch Downton Abbey. Whatever the reason, Amazon's Free for All will give you the much needed time you need, to hold that conference call, get that presentation done, or get dinner on the table!

Until our next post, which could be tomorrow or three weeks from now, stay safe and hug your kids.

If you liked this post, please let us know! If you've got great ideas to help keep kids happy and occupied during school closures, please comment below so we can spread the word!

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