These days it makes no difference where you live in the world - English has become the number one language required for work or study.  If your kid becomes fluent in English, the whole English-speaking world will open to them - the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia - you name it!  With English fluency, your kid suddenly has options like choosing to do a year of academic study abroad or moving to one of these countries in the future to complete his or her degree, and they will be ready and equipped for it.

The global economy has made the world a smaller place and as most companies either do business internationally or recruit job seekers from around the globe, English has become the common language required by employers worldwide.  By investing early in English language classes, you are preparing your child to gain a huge asset and edge for his or her career, as English fluency will help them stand out from other job applicants in many fields. 

English fluency gives students an edge in academics, employment, and in life.  With Kids Go West, we empower kids around the globe to achieve English fluency, no matter where they live in the world.


Research has shown that the ability of the human brain to learn and synthesize new languages declines gradually over the course of our lives.  This means that students who learn English as children speak it more fluently than students who learn as adults. While there is not a significant difference between starting English classes as a child of age 5 or age 7, there is a tremendous difference in the language learning abilities of students in high school or college. 


Children possess a more inherent and automatic ability to recognize and follow grammar rules, style rules, and language norms. In other words, students who start early in life, ideally before entering high school, will have more success speaking and sounding like a native.


The world's leading linguists and top academic experts have spent years researching the intricacies of second language acquisition and studies have shown that true fluency in English as a second language is achieved when the student is able to move away from thinking about the mechanics of language (grammar, syntax, translation) to spontaneously thinking and speaking in English. 


While many students around the globe study English in school for years, they are consistently focused on the mechanics of English and have very limited opportunity to spontaneously speak and interact in authentic English.  Furthermore, unless you are born to native English speakers, there is almost zero opportunity for students to hear native English spoken.  This results in students with heavy accents and overly formal, outdated spoken language skills. 


Kids Go West offers the solution, with its interactive online English conversation platform and simple yet proven methodology.  Kids Go West gets students to think in English and speak in English, every day, which is the number one key to building near-native English fluency.

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